We specialize in brass and woodwind instruments and their accessories.

Whether you are a professional musician, part of a club, it‘s your hobby, are in a brass choir or a student we will work together with you to find the right instrument.

We offer a wide range of top of the line brands such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Schreiber, Bach, Azumi, Conn, Selmer, Kühnl & Hoyer, Yanagisawa, Cerveny, B & S, Melton, Hoyer, Oscar Adler, Buffet Crampon, Courtois, Antigua, Tomasi, Viento, Roy Benson , Arnolds & Sons, MTP and Resonance and many others beyond.

Visit us and try out your new instrument:
Call us at 07071-1386860 or send us an e-mail if you have any questions. For those who are spur of the moment buyers, our products are also available on our Online-Shop.

All of our instruments are thoroughly inspected and optimized in sound and function, before we put them into your hands. This will ensure your musical success and that you enjoy making music.